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 OFF BROADWAY 2018 - Read Review

"A solid job...Kadwani has created something powerful!" - Broadway Blog
"Kadwani is an electrifying performer!" - Stage Buddy
"Deeply intelligent and powerful piece!" - Times Square Chronicles
"One of the most amazing, committed, convincing, captivating performers I have ever seen...a wizard at her craft." - NYC Talking
"Expect a tour-de-force performance!" - KC Applauds
         "Every detail expertly articulated...gave me goosebumps!" - KC Fringe
"Exhaustively researched, artfully assembled, and acted to perfection! - Beyond Criticism
"Riveting..should not be missed!" - Indianapolis Theater Reviews 
"Powerful piece that needs to be seen! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - Schedule C
"Physical and vocal mastery!" - StageQuest
"An excellently written and executed one-woman show!" - PWJW
"Convincing and compelling theater!" - NUVO
 College Bookings
*Add on Workshops for Students and Athletics Staff available



April Sexual Assault Awareness Month / 

Domestic Violence Month


Students were intrigued by the topic and manner in which the content was presented. They also really appreciated the complexity of each of the characters presented. It made them more realistic, thus students could see themselves or see people they knew in the characters. The value for students is that it encourages them to easily access, analyze, and challenge the world we live in and the part we each play in helping to facilitate, enable, or dismantle this system of oppression. 

-Christiana Paradis

Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women Program

Susquehanna University 

Orientation /

Title IX Training


Intrusion exceeded our expectations and specifically Q was amazing and interactive in the Q&A.  The show moved quickly with seamless transitions between the characters.  The students remained engaged during the entire performance.  Several students indicated that this program should be incorporated into the mandatory freshman orientation completed each Fall.  


-Liz Washington

Program Coordinator RoosREACT

St. Edward's University




This development initiative was

important for the student athlete

because of the seriousness of the

topics discussed and without the

proper education it could lead to life

altering consequences.  Being able to

have the opportunity to share this

with our student athletes is valuable.


-Jacqueline Nicholson

Associate Athletics Director

Albany State University


Q_intrusion poster_college_updated.jpg
Solo play that empowers students and audiences with sexual violence prevention


Over the span of an hour and through her portrayal of 8 characters, award-winning actress Qurrat Ann Kadwani evaluates the flaws in a society where rape is supposedly eradicated, helping to raise awareness about sexual violence and combat systemic oppression.


20 years in the future,

sexual violence has been eradicated.

Until 1 woman comes forward about her rape.

A look into how we all perpetuate

rape culture

by exposing different sectors of society. 


The Narrator is a college student who motivates the audience to speak up and finds her own voice.  Other characters include Journalist, Prosecutor, Day Trader, Politician, Psychologist, School Kid, and Professor who help the audience learn about sexual violence statistics, Title IX history, self defense moves, and the complexity of sexual violence against women.  

“Intrusion” is Qurrat Kadwani’s impactful and passionate one-woman tour-de-force performance which defies its simple description, - eradicating rape - and leaves a lasting impression on all audiences in this age of heightened MeToo awareness. Intrusion is timely and can be a part of any menu for any community seeking to promote consciousness of how personal power - and weakness – can play into one’s perspective of sexual harassment and victimization." - Director of Student Programs, University of Puget Sound

"Q delivers a tour-de-force performance that makes you think, ponder, consider and reflect. She grabs your heart and brings you down the path of eight very different characters and how they respond to an incident that is shattering their world. Her characters are strong, clear and decisive. You feel as if she has lived the lives of each of the 8 characters she portrays. I closed my eyes and heard 8 different voices with different vocal inflections and 8 different footsteps. This is a piece that will have you thinking for weeks after you leave your theater seat." - Alexis Dascoulias, Executive Director, Maui OnStage


"What Qurrat Ann Kadwani brings to the stage nightly is constant authenticity and believability. No words are wasted and no scenes are ingenuous. That alone makes "INTRUSION," worth seeing; but when combined with its timely and powerful message, "INTRUSION" is imperative theater." - Michael Pulliam, Maui OnStage


"Brilliantly written and powerfully performed. Qurrat Ann Kadwani delivers a deep introspective examination into rape through the eyes and minds of many different characters. I was stunned at her skill. Everyone should see this show." - Joel Agnew, KAOI Radio


"INTRUSION is one of the most powerful pieces of live theater I've seen in some time. Every college campus everywhere needs to present this. Eye-opening, timely and gut-wrenching in its honesty, Kadwani expertly presents several points of view in a horrific rape that, even in this day, still harbors shame for victims and audacious denial of wrongdoing by the perpetrators. Several days later, her haunting portrayals still vividly come to mind. It is a piece EVERY person should see — young, old, male, female, with or without children. We are supposed to be educated, we are supposed to be enlightened, we are supposed to be compassionate. We as a society must ask ourselves, 'Why is rape still happening?' For those of us who were fortunate to see 'INTRUSION,' we will never forget its impact." - Maui News

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