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"A solid job...Kadwani has created something powerful... it takes necessary steps toward sparking a long overdue dialogue about sexual violence in our culture." - The Broadway Blog

"This is also a play of ideas, plenty of shocking facts and logic thrown in, but thanks to Kadwani’s talent, there is a momentum that creates a larger story with memorable and surprising characters in hard-hitting moments...a work that deftly combines idealism and hope with pure logic and reality. It makes one think that it actually is possible to change the world, and while the facts might be brutal, they don’t have to be discouraging if presented in the right manner...Kadwani’s deeply intelligent and powerful piece is for anyone who not only wants to know why things are the way they are, but where to find a hope among the rubble." - Times Square Chronicles

"Kadwani is an electrifying performer!  Capivated by the performance, it is clear it is a necessary one. For an evening of contemplation about each of our complicity with sexual violence and rape culture, this is the one to see." - Stage Buddy

"Riveting..should not be missed! Kadwani creates distinct characters, showcasing her quick-change versatility. The heavy subject matter is counterweighted by its top-notch presentation and fascinating content." - Indianapolis Theater Reviews 

"Kadwani's ability to embody each character physically and emotionally was masterful...the show always felt more human than merely exposition, and flowed so smoothly we always felt engaged...All in all, though, the real success of this play is that, even 3 days later, we're still talking about it. It’s a powerful piece that needs to be seen, especially within the climate of our current culture, and we can only feel grateful talented creators like Qurrat Ann Kadwani are helping lead the charge for change.  RECOMMENDED! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - Schedule C

"She seamlessly crossfades from character to character and back again in a spiral of physical and vocal mastery of her craft." - StageQuest

"An excellently written and executed one-woman show! Kadwani easily slips from one persona to another." - PWJW

"Convincing and compelling theater!" -NUVO

"Exhaustively researched, artfully assembled, and acted to perfection, her script traces the repercussions of sexual assault across the web of society at large. - Beyond Criticism

"Expect a tour-de-force performance while being educated in a creative piece." - KC Applauds

"Kadwani’s characters have enough dimension to couch the facts and stats in nuance and humanity.  Every detail expertly articulated...gave me goosebumps!" - KC Fringe

One of the most amazing, committed, convincing, captivating performers I have ever seen...a wizard at her craft." - NYC Talking

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