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Susquehanna University, PA


Students were intrigued by the topic and manner in which the content was presented. They also really appreciated the complexity of each of the characters presented. It made them more realistic, thus students could see themselves or see people they knew in the characters. The value for students is that it encourages them to easily access, analyze, and challenge the world we live in and the part we each play in helping to facilitate, enable, or dismantle this system of oppression. 

-Christiana Paradis

Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women Program Coordinator

This program effectively presents consent and doesn't leave much room for incorrect ideas about consent. I think this should be presented to everyone on campus. - Erin, Sophomore 


I found the list of quotes from politicians in power speaking about sexual assault particularly interesting - it speaks alot about our society. -Lauren, Junior


My favorite character was the theatre professor who talked about campus rape and settlements. And I loved the first time the candles were used. It provided a sense of hope through activism. -Will, Freshman


It would be great to bring this show back to further educate people. -Stefanie, Freshman


I really liked the bit about the 3rd grader- it brought hope out in an otherwise dark situation. It lets you look forward to a new generation. Very well written and starts the conversation about a topic that's hard to address. - Matthew, Freshman


The one woman show was an interesting setup. After all, each of these characters could look like anyone. It takes away the possibility of accidentally stereotyping roles with race and gender. - Kaitlyn, Freshman

Psychologist who was writing a book but didn't want to speak at the trial - I enjoyed hearing her research on the concept of rape. - Mark, post-grad

I liked the woman who opened the play and held the vigil and rally. She was a voice for change. Great art form to keep students engaged. - Emily, Junior

The lawyer was my favorite because she knew the law, how hard it would be for the victim and how hard the case would be to win because of rape culture, but she was determined to at least try.  The protest was passionate and shows how people try in small ways which grow into bigger movements. Showed a part of history that has enacted change.  - Angelica, Sophomore

I liked the statistics throughout the show - especially from the Professor. - Samantha, Sophomore

Journalist delivered strong messages.  - Yumi, Senior

The closing scene was my favorite because she was fighting for women she barely knows or doesnt know at all.  She portrayed confidence and bravery and passion. - Jenna, Junior

Thought-provoking - made me evaluate our society and the possibility  of rape being eradicated. - Sam, Junior

Talking about it and education really is the only way progress can be made.  Favorite part what how such minor details of the characters held them back from really making a difference. - Jordan, Sophomore

Favorite: Prosecutor because she gave alot of insight on what cases really seem like today.  Very interesting to see different perspectives on this topic and was especially uniquely displayed. - Haley, Sophomore

Nuanced perspective and explores the wide array of responses to violence against women as well as the importance in stopping it. - Courtney, Senior

University of Puget Sound, WA

“Intrusion” is Qurrat Kadwani’s impactful and passionate one-woman tour-de-force performance which defies its simple description, - eradicating rape - and leaves a lasting impression on all audiences in this age of heightened MeToo awareness. Intrusion is timely and can be a part of any menu for any community seeking to promote consciousness of how personal power - and weakness – can play into one’s perspective of sexual harassment and victimization.   You don’t leave this performance, because it stays with you.


-Serni Solidarios

Director of Student Programs


If more people can see programming like this, then maybe people will have a better understanding and grasp on how much of a problem it is. - Maya, Senior

My favorite character is the theatre professor - I enjoyed their energy and the passion behind their knowledge.  They encouraged me. - Chloe, Sophomore

I enjoyed the newscaster character because it addressed the issue of the truth. - Nayra, Junior

In terms of a social commentary, I think texts based around a story are an excellent mode of communication. - Adreanna, Freshman

Interesting way to present rape and statistics in our society. Thank you for having the characters speak so bluntly about rape. - Olivia, Sophomore

Daytrader is my favorite: self-contained narrative arc, many layers to character (we see mask, face, soul), interesting traits (dancing, drinking, occupation.)  More impactful than traditional sessions. - Jack, Senior


I thought that the part with the child was impactful.   Children are aware and they gain too much false information from the media that is riddled with sexual violence. - Quinn, Junior

I truly love this show - needs to be seen.  All too often this type of art is swept under the rug, thank you for bringing it forward. - Carly, Senior

Important and powerful to educate people about this issue in multiple formats. - Ellen, Senior

Eastern Arizona College

Excellent, relevant, sobering - and much needed. 


-Todd Haynie



I learned how serious this problem is. - Patricia, Freshman

I learned about things I didn't know about our government and nation.  - Katie, Freshman


The one who couldn't sleep at night - the one who saw the girl crying.  That person had a good heart to care. - Kean, Freshman


I think it helps people broaden their perspective. -  Kallee, Freshman

Strong message about rape. - Andrea, Freshman

Factual, entertaining, and funny. - Dalton, Sophomore

Favorite was the psychologist because she explained why rape happens or theories of why it happens.  Brings awareness to college students and educate them. - Brianna, Freshman

I enjoyed all the statistics stated.  This show has informed me about my society and all the views of sexual harrassment. - Carmen, Freshman

Opens our eyes to realize whats going on in the world. - Autum, Freshman

Favorite was the reporter because she talked about how rape developed and how people didn't really know about it during the different years going by. - Hailey, Freshman

Gives good reasons and explains in detail about rape.  A good eye opener.  - Krystyna, Freshman

The ending protestor made it clear we can all make a difference. - Katie, Freshman

The 3rd grade scene because I liked that they were teaching them about consent young. - Karina, Freshman

I think it is good to get the issues of rape out into the world. - Sadie, Sophomore

My favorite part was when the 3rd grader said his speech.  It's crazy how a 3rd grader can speak highly on how to treat others, be nice, etc.  Teaches us not to be blind to what is going on in the world. - Alyssa, Sophomore

Each character was an important influence on the message.  You truly are an amazing person! - Celica, Freshman

I love this play.  Alot of people think that rape isn't a big deal, that it's not important to learn about.  My favorite part was when she gave us ways to get away and when she informed us about Title 9. - Hope, Junior

Boys and girls are equal, Real men don't hurt women - favorite lines.  - Marisa, Freshman

My favorite character was the guy at the bar drinking.  Even though he was drunk, he still understood what consent is. - Shy, Freshman

Favorite:  The 3rd grader because he brought up LGBTQ+ and all the genders. - Kammiila, Freshman

My favorite part was where she mentioned how the mind may not want it even if the body does.  It mentioned how important consent is and how you should have continuous consent.  - Linda, Freshman

S. I. N. G - didn't know about this...very helpful. "The first step to change is admitting the truth."  Very blunt production and got us thinking. - Bailey, Freshman 

I liked the whole show because I learned alot about rape. - Yasmine, Freshman

I loved the crowd interaction. I have recently been going through something with a girl - I really needed this. - Anonymous, Freshman

I love the Protestor who is fighting for everyone. - Felicia, Freshman

The ending because it made everyone feel safe. - Melissa, Sophomore

Favorite part was Lesson #1 you have to have consent. - Kalia, Freshman

The facts that were shared - some people might have never heard them before or ever. - Jamie, Sophomore

Favorite: the lawyer who was trying to get justice. - Brooke, Freshman

The witness, she gave me hope for a better world.  - Shelby, Sophomore

I liked when they shed light on the political side, explaining what politicians thought of these sexual assault programs. - Ashley, Freshman

My favorite character to learn from is the stockbroker because he shows how people are affected by harrassment. - Mariah, Senior

When the kid was saying all the things he wasn't supposed to because I feel like that represents the people who are silenced but have so much to say.  Very eye-opening.  I'm glad I came and not just because of the extra-credit.  - Jaiden, Freshman

Very informative but I thought it was inspiring too. - Nora, Senior

More people should view this. - Tyler, Freshman

Awareness and knowledge can help stop things from happening. - Corrie, Freshman

Cochise College (Douglas Campus), Arizona

This is the type of presentation that gets students to think a bit deeper about their overall actions and how every day they have the opportunity to help our society move away from this accepted rape culture that has been created. 


-Jennifer Tagaban

Director of Residential & Student Life

In a world where rape is such a big problem, this type of play can inform people on how to prevent rape. - Pedro, Sophomore

You played every role wonderfully! We all need to be reminded on how important it is to stop rape all around this world! - Steven, Sophomore

I appreciated the fact that male rape was recognized and addressed.  Thank you for trying to make a difference. - Kira, Freshman

My fav was the Protestor.  They show the importance of acting when you see something.  - Samantha, Freshman

My favorite part was when the politician was stating those facts about power as we talked about that topic in my Soc 101 class. - Jimmy, Freshman

Taught me things that I didn't know - I think everyone should watch this and learn from it.  - Isiah, Freshman

Politician character was my favorite because it shows how people rape in that category get elected or can run for things. - Justin, Sophomore

I enjoyed the beginning and then to see the progression of the first character's initiative to make change was cool. - Steven, Senior

Favorite character:  News reporter because she wanted to raise awareness for rape. - Elliott, Senior

I liked the candlelight vigil because it was powerful. - McKenna, Freshman

My fav was the elementary kid because it is important at a young age to know that No means No.  - Breanne, Freshman

I was raped.  This is so important to me. - CP, Junior

My fav: The protestor because she was standing up for other women that keep rape in silence. - Isabel, Freshman

My fav:  Scientist character  - the facts that were displayed were shocking. - Sasha, Freshman

Good for any and every college to see. - Jamaal, Freshman

My fav:  Male daytrader - toxic masculinity visualized - you mastered that scene.  It was powerful. - Aaliyah, Freshman

Cochise College (Sierra Vista Campus), Arizona


Favorite part was when you were sharing actual statistics because it was real. - Osbaldo, US Army

Effective training - full of info while entertaining. - Centoria, US Army

Showing us gender relations today from an outside perspective - the future- removes some of our biases and excuses.  - Alex, US Army

The different perspectives and scenes allow for more individuals to understand and help become advocates. - Jacob, US Army

Fav character:  The college student that was so lost yet went into action right away. - Jorge, US Army

The conclusion of the performances was a great culmination of ideas and emotions that drove home the intent. - Stephen, US Army

Amazing way to get the point across while keeping the audience engaged. - Skylar, US Army

Favorite part: the female standing up for the woman who was raped even though she didn't know her - she did the right thing.  Peter, US Army

Fav character:  The male because it shows a not always shown perspective on male rape victims and the struggle they face. - Alexis, US Army

Fav part: The plot as a whole and the dynamic feeling.  I was extremely impressed. - Tommy, US Army

The Attorney was my favorite character because she understood the reality but realized that the reality needed to change. - Alexia, Freshman

I cried.  Thank you for coming here. - Emily, Grad

Pima Community College, Arizona


The drama instructor was my favorite because she has a great message and taught me a bit about Title 9 and some current issues surrounding rape culture in schools/administration.  - Angela, Staff

I want students / teachers/staff to see this - we all need this. - Rod, Staff

I appreciated you portraying a male rape and how the body responds even if the mind is horrified. - Shawn, Staff

I loved it all.  It gave many perspectives on the issue /topic of rape and it gave an insight of what could happen and what can be done.  - Manuel, Freshman

It was a great play - I learned alot about rape. - Anahi, Sophomore

Chaffey College (Chino Campus), CA

The shows and Ms. Kadwani were outstanding and very well received.  It is our hope to have her back on campus in the future.


-Eric Bishop, Vice President of Student Services

The show was deep.  The actress was truly amazing and I'm grateful for being here to see it. - Jackie

If there isn't this type of programming, people will never understand what really happens. - Rachel

My favorite character was the girl who witnessed the girl who went into the hospital.  It shows that rape damages not only the victim but also others. - Darlene

I liked how it was different and entertaining.  It wasn't just a boring lecture. - Casey

My favorite character is the activist because it showed that there is always something you can do even if it is small. - Merina

My favorite character is the theatre teacher because she tells the audience ways people are silenced with settlements.  She also informed the audience about consent and gender.  - Courtney

I want to thank the college for having this program in this school. - Yolanda

Thank you so much for this.  I know a couple of people dear to me that have gone through this - I appreciate this very much. - Alexander

My favorite character was the politician who viewed rape as a financial crisis.  Very moving and heart-dropping. - Yolatus

I loved how you made some of the characters contradict themselves at the end of their parts. - Gilbert

I learned so much and its very relevant to the current time. - Arel

Fav part: the vigil - the candles were cool and it was like I was there. - Burhan

Chaffey College (Fontana Campus), CA


She did an amazing job at switching characters and showing their perspectives! - Karla

My favorite character was the first one - she wanted justice. - Aide

Thank you - I felt like I was a part of it. - Marisa

This is how you get people to speak up and not be afraid. - Amber

I loved it - it was such an eye-opener. - Maria

Chaffey College (Rancho Campus), CA


Favorite character was the little boy because only children make it seem so simple that men and women are equal but once they are older, gender roles take over. - Sabrina

Favorite part is when the audience finds out that this is taking place in the future. - Stephanie

Favorite part was legal because she was talking about stuff I had no idea about. - Jesse

Astounding, absolutely enlightening.  - Charmaine

Made me feel connected and want to really show alot more about awareness. - Judith

My favorite character was the 3rd grader.  Since I have children that age, it makes me wonder what messages I am communicating to them. - Adrienne

The poetic prose and powerful delivery was wonderful. - Monique

I loved it - when the guy appears and talks about the time in high school when his body was aroused but his mind was not. - Courtney

Very meaningful and impactful.  Thank you so much for representing the truth. - Sandra

Our campus needed this. - Mark

Crucial to receive the info conveyed and the creative delivery allows learners of all types to benefit. - Adam

Olivet College, MI


Q is terrific.  The show was great.  She's great. 


-Cea Noyes

Director of Women's Resource Center

Chair, Social Sciences

Favorite: News reporter because of all the facts that I found out about all kinds of rape cases and mindblowing statistics. - Austin, Sophomore

Favorite: The school scene because of the facts. It really put things in perspective for me. _ Brionne, Freshman

Very shocking and eye-opening. - Breana, Freshman

Great show.  I loved her passion. - Destiny, Freshman

The end was very moving. - Danielle, Senior

My favorite part was when the newscaster entered.  This is because I recognized my calling as well, by wanting to develop change in extremely touchy situations. - Kyrie, Senior

Favorite: Prosecutor because the truth behind it was so real.  I would not mind seeing it again. - Noah, Freshman

I absolutely love this!  I love all the statistics and the eye-opening facts from real stories. - Rachel, Senior

So real and so honest. Amazing job! I hope you come back! - Brittany, Junior

Makes me feel less alone. - Elayna, Freshman

Favorite: When the activist knocks the tower down, it's a strong realization and conclusion. - Delaney, Freshman

The 3rd grader offered good comic relief. - Abigale, Junior

Powerful words!  Makes you understand the reality of the world. - Nataliya, Senior

Kept it very interesting by switching into many characters throughout the play. - Ronald, Freshman

I enjoyed the politician character.  He initially seemed to understand the issue, but then his true colors showed.  The ending was shocking. - Grace, Sophomore

The dancing made me laugh, all of the show was pretty good. - Samantha, Junior

I love the stream of consciousness that exists in the dialogue of the first character. I am grateful to have a chance to view this play. - Jack, Junior

Hostos Community College, NY

This program should be implemented in all colleges, schools and organizations. - Rebecca

This is the type of programming that we should have in every college - it's empowering. - Keyso

Honestly, I liked the play from beginning to end.  I was very engaged. - Danilsa

Favorite part: The Rap! Nice to have something lighthearted for an intense play.  - Brittany

Favorite part: The protest and then the silence after.  Very poignant. - Jeff

My favorite part was the beginning explaining how much you care about hearing a girl say rape. - Brianna

My favorite part was the end because her message was very powerful and made me feel as though I should step up and say something, not only about rape, but other issues. - Matthew

My favorite part was when she raised the Justice sign and started chanting because the audience got to chant along with her character. - Kimberly

The theatre teacher inspired me in acting class to pick a scene that can make a statement to put out for the audience that they can learn from or relate to. - Evelisse 

Great cover on the news - great all around show! - Alex

I just love it! - Deymi


SUNY Purchase

I felt the most connected to the protestor - I was moved by the amount of passion and hope that drove her to take action, which anyone can do.  Thank you for creating conversation about this topic that needs to be highlighted.  I have always cared but you have inspired me to take more action. - Emily, Senior

My favorite part was with the politician because what he was saying was stuff I haven't heard much of.  Captivating! Also the activist is the most relatable to me, the feeling of caring about an issue even if it hadn't happened to me. - Stephanie, Sophomore

I honestly think that freshmen would enjoy this or even would learn things that could impact their college experience.  Please keep doing what you are doing  - I know that with this you are making a change. - Walter, Senior

I'm so glad the show mentioned unwanted arousal and that rape can happen to anyone, even men.  Well-rounded and powerful! - Abby, Senior

Favorite: The original witness of the survivor entering the hospital - she made sure the woman got the help she needed and resisted the temptation to be a bystander. Education in this passionate, watchable art form in incredibly useful for inspiring people to take action. - Erik, Sophomore

I did enjoy the reporter's role in this because it shows how the media gets so involved and how it gets people to come out and finally get the little bit of justice.  Very well written and inviting! - Yashe, Senior

Favorite: The reporter and daytrader because it was gradually revealing how vulnerable they were.  What a tremendous talent! - Joaquin, Junior

Great reflection of society! - TaNesha, Sophomore

Favorite: The story of the daytrader and sexual assault. It showed how some people surpress what has happened to them and how men are also victims - that needs to be discussed. - Taylor, Senior

It was great to see every side to a tragic event.  Theater holds the power to make an audience see the truth in their realities. - Andrada, Sophomore


I relate well to stories and characters.  They help me invest heavily into a topic while also being informative.  I also appreciated the talkback afterwards and seeing the real comprehensive knowledge on the subject. - Jaimie, Sophomore


What happens to the jenga is like Chekhov. Brilliant! Using the power and connectivity of theatre to share this message is so valuable. I love theatrical activism. - Nadia, Senior


Easy to follow, absolutely amazing, so informative and captivating. I want more! - Leeza, Sophomore 

Favorite: the way the psychologist knew exactly what to say but didn't want to say it - their pride mattered more. - Francis, Sophomore

Favorite: the perspective and simple explanation of "No is No." - Vernon, Junior

Genius and starts a discussion. - Ezekiel, Sophomore

Favorite:  elementary student.  Sometimes school faculty tries to avoid topics such as rape but it is so important for people to be honest about serious occurrences. - Andrew, Sophomore

Amazing - favorite was when they were talking about how men "in the past" were able to get away with rape because of their celebrity/monetary status and value. - Janelle, Sophomore

People react differently to a performance than a lecture.  It sticks and settles in people. - Malachai, Sophomore

Favorite:  The psychologist that talked about what causes humans to react the way they do.  The best way to fix a problem is to understand what causes a problem.  - Francesco, Senior

So powerful and meaningful.  The politician knew so much and had all the knowledge of sexual violence in history but turned out to be the most sexually advancing - such an astonishing way to look at it. - Marc, Junior

The child pointed out the obvious: that no one was talking about what was actually happening. - Emily, Sophomore

I loved the switch from character to character.  It was very smooth and kept me at the edge of my seat. - Armando, Junior

New York Institute of Technology (Male Athletics)

Very interesting and very different. - Collins 

More entertsining than normal lessons about rape. - Bernan, Grad

Favorite: The vigil because it was a very powerful moment. - Anonymous

I liked how everything tied together with the jenga blocks. - Martin, Senior

Better than a presentation. - Derick, Freshman

Great performance! - Salvador, Junior

The news anchor because she said alot of info through the years of rape. - Belmin, Sophomore

Favorite: Witness - powerful message.  Appealing to the audience. - Diego, Freshman

I've never experienced it and it's like watching an intense movie, but live. I've never seen a good actor live but I do know what one is like now. -Rexhep, Freshman


Favorite: Doctor talking about all the theories. - Mattheus, Freshman


Favorite:  3rd grader - he summed up the whole lesson. - Heidi, Junior


Favorite: The character that was part of the community going to put lights for the victims.  I iked the attitude that she had.  - Victor, Senior


Creates a different dynamic to the sexual harrassment problem.  It is very up to date and progressive.  She even taught how to defend yourself. - Simon, Senior

Favorite:  The news reporter because she was proving the point on hose rape gets brought up to the public. -Louis, Junior

Favorite: When they talked about the money involved, it showed how money is more important than morals, respect and huuman values.  - Stephanie, Freshman

New Jersey City University

Awesome!  All relevant content and very informative. - Beatriz, community rep from Rape Crisis Center

The show was perfectly written and performed!  I absolutely loved each and every character - opens a different discussion which is very important to know. - Laba, Senior

Favorite part: prosecutor statistics - very often these statistics don't take up headline news anywhere. - Emiliano, Freshman

Empowering and great to watch such talent. - Tracy, Grad

Favorite part;  the protest scenes - these parts are inspiring to those who wish to be advocates. - Suzette, Grad

Fuses performance art and activism that affects college students worldwide.  The performer is amazing! - Michi, Junior

The more people see this, the more aware they will be.  I loved it!!! - Christopher, Freshman

University of Texas - El Paso

I really enjoyed this show - it was very eye-opening and educational about sexual assault. - Astrid, Freshman

My favorite character was the child because they were so aware of the violence. - Haley, Freshman

When the politician was talking, it shocked me - it is a topic that should be talked about, a good way to bring awareness. - Vania, Sophomore

These are issues that are affection all of us whether we know it or not, whether we want to admit it or not. - Eric, Junior

I loved all the facts with the politician and psychologist. - Angelina, Senior

Educational, stirring and entertaining. - Evi, Junior

My favorite character was the prosecutor for fighting for justice while being in a hard spot.  Helps create consciousness and awareness. - Guillermo, Junior

Favorite - day trader - highlights a very real situation of victim to perpetrator. Fascinating. - Alex Junior

Great show - I loved every minute, this was powerful and that's the arts we need. - Randi, Freshman

St. Edward's University, Texas


Many of our student athletes attended and the message made such an impact that students were motivated to act through this campus event.  Qurrat made this more about people than statistics and events that could only happen to someone else. 


-Melinda Terry

Title IX Deputy

Senior Associate Director of Athletics

By the transition to the third character - the lawyer - it became clear how hard it is for victims of sexual assault/harrassment to speak up and why.  At the same time, your show was phenomenal in the way that you easily incorporated info about these issues.  A systemic problem requires systemic multi-faceted responses, and that's why your show is so great - because it gives us all sides of the issue.  - Chase, Junior

My favorite part was all the statistics and facts that were mentioned throughout. - Andrea, Senior

The first character was my favorite because it shows an ordinary person can be a leader. - Victoria, Freshman

This show is something that everyone should be required to see. - Gillian, Freshman

Gets you thinking more than just the generic workshop or lecture. - Cody, Junior

Creative and powerful way to spread information and educate people - amazing production! - Lexi, Junior

Favorite character: the politician - gave a lot of insight into how/why our leaders put rape on the back burner. - Chloe, Freshman

Favorite character: The lawyer because she was really empowering. - Desiree, Freshman

I really like the ending and the message it has. - Johana, Junior

This performance was absolutely incredible and eye-opening! - Zach, Senior

Palm Beach State College, FL


College students are developing their concepts of normal behavior.  We need to help them to understand that sexual assault is not normal behavior. The show kept students attention - not only did they learn, but they were also entertained.  Learning takes place in many forms and yours was exceptional!


-Angela Allen

Student Activities Manager

I believe that this should be part of every college campus to inform people on the seriousness of rape. - Lucas

I think having shows about social issues is important and gives knowledge that we all should be aware of.  - Shannon

Phenomenal show! - Yohan

Every part was good - it touched tons of hearts and mine. - Bryan

More more more!! This needs to be shown more! - Baudeline

Favorite part was when the politician talks about the double standards and economic relationship with rape - very intriguing and deep. - Zion

Favorite character was the social justice leader; her determination to make a change. - Genesis

I loved it - this also inspired me to think about becoming an actress. - Kiara

Favorite character was the student insisting that we are all equal. - Rashana

Our nation has a long way to go.  Plays like this are necessary to bring awareness and move forward.  We are all touched by sexual assault even if we are unaware. - Autumn

Favorite part is the end - shows that everyone deserves to be involved and taught about the issue, including self-defense. - Anthony

Brilliant - The person standing up for everyone was my favorite. - Allan 

Love this show - would love to see it again. - Mark

My favorite character was the person who was selfless and was prepared to fight for something bigger than herself. - Robbi

My favorite part was the stocks guy talking about his experience with rape and questioning it because of society's norms thinking that guys can't be raped. - Jana

We need this show - more awareness is needed.  - David

Albany State University (Athletics), GA


This development initiative was important for the student athlete because of the seriousness of the topics discussed and without the proper education it could lead to life altering consequences.  Being able to have the opportunity to share this with our student athletes is valuable.


-Jacqueline Nicholson

Associate Athletics Director

I liked that the representation of the Jenga blocks was society and other factors leading to rape.  So once they were knocked down, it was like a weight was lifted, knowing that I can make a change - Alani

Captivating, inspiring, amazing performance and I was entranced throughout.  It was such an important act. - Megan

My favorite part was seeing the transition of the woman with no hope, lost and unsure, transform into a woman with a voice, gain confidence and fight for another woman. - Jordan

This show helps us grasp the reality of rape. - Serian

Favorite character was the college student - someone who is on our level and showing us how we could make a stand too. - Jenna

Very insightful and a cool way to learn. - Kyle

Favorite character was the professor because while I knew Title IX was about sexual harassment, I didn't clearly know what it was. - Ronnie

Playing every character with different thoughts and perspectives gave me a greater sense of feeling and concern. - Chase, Junior

Educates in different ways. - Reagan, Sophomore

This was AMAZING- seriously, you need to go viral. - Kendyl, Sophomore

Seeing all the views of each character.  It showed that anyone can be a victim. - Jordyn, Freshman

Favorite character was the lawyer - goes into the intricacies of a broken judicial system. Info though the arts is highly effective at gaining attention of millenials. - Abhinav, Junior

Helps young adults know that they are not alone and more victims shouldn't be so insecure about telling their story. - Lavette

Opens many people's eyes. - Quin, Freshman

The show was good, and it was good enough to see it again. - Lauren, Junior

Austin College, Texas


Intrusion exceeded our expectations and specifically Q was amazing and interactive in the Q&A.  The show moved quickly with seamless transitions between the characters.  The students remained engaged during the entire performance.  Several students indicated that this program should be incorporated into the mandatory freshman orientation completed each Fall.  


-Liz Washington

Program Coordinator RoosREACT


This was powerful! - Ysabel, Senior


Wow, just wow.  I liked the incorporation of male sexual assault especially with the confusion of being aroused while being assaulted. - Martha, Junior

This is more effective than the skits I've seen regarding this freshman year. I really wish this could be seen on other campuses or TV. This is more informative than the stuff they made us participate in at the beginning of college. - Chandler, Junior

I loved the analytical thought process followed by both the Journalist and Politician. My favorite part was the explanation of Title IX and facts I didn't really know about. I absolutely love all the facts that were shared and also the economical facts and SING technique. - Larry, Freshman

My favorite was the Theatre Professor for the statistics and the on campus reality. More people need to hear this message. - Anna, Junior


I really enjoyed the third grader.  It is important to show that these ideas start young. - Mason, Junior


I really enjoyed it.  I'm glad I decided to come. - Nadia, Sophomore

It shows so many perspectives and it does so looking at our current situations.  The Daytrader shows the cycle of abuse - he was assaulted in the past and did the same to someone else.  - Maddie, Junior

The protestor was my favorite because she was passionate, the person I could most easily relate to. Made me feel like I could help. I loved it, especially being able to see the cyclical nature of rape. - Amber, Senior

I liked how the student who started the movement was changed, really a dynamic character. I liked how the Jenga set was a symbol that was up for interpretation. It felt significant each time a piece was moved. -Dylan, Freshman

I really enjoyed this play. This campus needs to be educated!! The ending was my favorite because what you were saying was very strong and powerful. - Iris, Freshman

I liked how every character reveals a lapse in knowledge or education.  The book writer scene was my favorite. The irony that a major expert in the field wouldn't want to do anything. - Hallie, Junior

I think that this is a great way to bring awareness to the younger audience. It kept everyone engaged. I would love to hear that more colleges are doing this. - Victoria, Sophomore


University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC

Makes it more entertaining when its a show than if someone would just have a lecture. - Pernilla, Freshman


A story with real eye-opening facts. - Jevon, Sophomore

If more people see programming like this, it could decrease the rape percentage. - Jordan, Freshman


I loved the WHOLE thing. - Quiqui, Junior


Favorite was Daytrader since he shows anyone can be a victim. - Thomas, Sophomore


Very knowledgeable and important. - William, Junior

Brings you in and you relate to the feelings of the characters.  Well thought out and executed. - Colin, Freshman


Important issue to address - great show. - Joseph, Sophomore


Reporter - really shows what the press has to cover and all the areas and perspectives they have to consider during the process. - MIchaela, Freshman

All of it was amazing. - Brandon, Sophomore

All of the stats and facts are so good - entertaining and held people's attention but also was very important and relevant. - Nicole, Sophomore


3rd grader reiterates how we are taught No means No from a young age and it's such a basic concept but so many people ignore it. - Abby, Junior


Acting was great and the amount of work put into the show was evident and impressive. - Natalie, Sophomore


I liked hearing from the prosecutor because I think it was really important to highlight our justice system.  I really like that you decided to connect with the audience intellectually. - Rachel, Sophomore


I enjoyed the way you brought the story back to the jenga puzzle as a structure that can be built again. - Tori, Senior

My favorite part was the professor going through Title IX and how people such as student athletes are held to a higher standard. - Cienna, Senior


Overall I thought the analogies were very impactful.  I really thought it was important to hear so many sides of how rape culture impacts so many professions. - Bre, Junior

Favorite character was the woman that was protesting - she said a line about how when people remain silent about important things, everybody loses. - Lex, Senior

More engaging way of learning and easy to learn from/follow. - Jacob, Senior

Love the genius and creativity behind this show. - Ciera, Senior

The Girl who became a social justice leader shows that anyhone can help and have a voice. - Emily, Senior

Increases awareness of gender inequality and sexual assault on college campuses. - Stephanie, Sophomore

The child was my favorite - I believe hate is taught - should teach acceptance early. - Caroline, Sophomore

Very impactful - the arts are very important for raising social awareness and enacting social change. - Weston, Junior


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"Rape, attack, we won't go back" was my favorite part because it conveys a strong message. - Alexandria, Sophomore


Favorite part was the theater professor because I agree that self-defense class is important to everyone. - Daniela, Junior

10/10 - amazing! - Tamaira, Senior


This show is well thought out and put together. - Aimee, Junior


I liked the third grader- he was able to teach us more about the issues in a way that was entertaining and educational. - Raven, Senior

Ms. Kadwani played a very powerful role.  You moved me a lot internally and I enjoyed every bit of it.  I would like to see more so that I can do my part in standing up and protecting women. - Jonathan, Freshman

The whole thing just did an amazing job at addressing everything it needed to without directly attacking the audience but making many things clear. - Olivea, Senior

Favorite character was the narrator - I liked how passionate they were. - Bella, Sophomore

Captivating - so much passion! - Alex, Senior

Favorite part was the discussion of Title IX. A lot of people don't know about Title IX. - Julia, Junior

Favorite character was the politician because it shows how politics intertwines with rape culture. - Ann, Freshman

Incredibly powerful presentation that needs to be brought to attention - amazing. - Arianne, Freshman

Carthage College, WI

I think it's rare to hear a young male perspective as a victim and I think it's valuable that you mention that his body was turned on but he knew he didn't want it.  I've never really heard that. - Sophie, Sophomore

Very powerful - shows a multitude of views and perspectives to rape culture. - Dana, Women and Children's Horizons Victim Advocate

It's perfection!  It brings awareness to the problems our world faces and doesn't only focus on 1 perspective but on 8 personalities. - Siobhan, Freshman


My favorite part was the ending because of the powerful message. - Liz, Sophomore


Loved it!  The college professor, the 3rd grader, and the activist! - Maribel, Faculty

Favorite part was the Politician who wanted his assistant to please him because people don't realize that people feel they need to sexually please their superiors in order to keep jobs. - Sara, Junior


Favorite was the first character who witnesses the hospital incident and becomes a social activist.  It's so common and inspiring. - Giovanni, Senior


 It's cool to watch a show that is written and performed by a single woman, especially on such a relevant topic.   - Anna, Junior

I loved the use of Jenga to show people how everyone who ignores these problems stacks up.  You are wonderful! - Ashley, Senior

I got chills when the activist-student character began marching with the chant/song about halfway through. - Emma, Senior

Riverside City College, CA

Powerful and needs to be heard, - Larissa

I am a survivor of rape.  Very touching and motivational. - Lai

My favorite character is the student whose awareness about rape grew because as she was learning, so was I. - Karina

I will keep S.I.N.G in mind.  I will talk with my 10 year old this evening.  Gave me great insight.  - Rosalina

Raises awareness.  It also lights fires under our butts to do something! -Stella

Important to see all the systems in play and what we can do in our power to stop it. - Elena


So creative and smart. True and impactful about the effects on a generational level. - Mercedes


Favorite character was the child - genuine, honest, I connected. - John

Favorite character is the college student.  I love how she stands up for her, for them, for all over because it's happening.  - Maura


Telling these stories helps us all think about our actions.  I appreciate being shown how we all perpetuate this system and how we can change. - Joey


This type of drama with a message strikes such a chord among all I believe. - Ricardo

Acting was touching. My favorite character is the girl who led the vigil because she was genuinely concerned. - Genesis

Favorite character was the Politician because it showed the role capitalism plays in maintaining oppressive structures.  We don't call that out enough. - Wendy

Favorite character was the Reporter - I liked the portrayal of willful exploitation mixed with reporting.  Felt accurate. - Larry

I think it is key to address society as a whole.  This shows the ripple effect of a single rape. Very empowering. - Diana


The Daytrader was the most thought-provoking and the character that made me the most uncomfortable which I see as a good thing.  Good writing.  - Erick


My favorite were all 8 characters because I learned valuable lessons and something to be kept in mind for future references. - Jorge

Wilmington College, OH

Favorite was the protesting part, because it is showing how we need to take action for rape justice. - Anna, Freshman

Very eye-opening about sexual violence - I LOVED IT!! - Andrea, Freshman

Favorite part is where the author is explaining why rape occurs, I think it was just very interesting from a science perspective. - Caden, Freshman


I believe the theatrical aspect makes it more realistic and focused. - Logan, Freshman


Helps me be more aware of things. - Miah, Freshman


Favorite was the protestor: I see myself in her as a normal girl that wants change. - Janese, Freshman

The jenga structure comparison was strong. - Casey, Freshman


Favorite was the Prosecutor because they thought it was a hard case but still tackled it. - Katie, Freshman


Favorite  was the teacher - gave many facts I didn't know. - Anna, Freshman

Favorite was the bystander because she wanted to help a person she never met. - Zach, Freshman

Favorite was the news reporter and how she was so eager to get the rape case out.  Amazing job, very talented! - Brennen, Freshman



Ohlone College, CA


10/10! I loved it. - Julia


This program taught me one thing - No means No. - Sahil

As a victim of sexual assault, I appreciate the level of awareness on this scale. - Savannah

It got me excited and engaged! - Rahul

My favorite character was the student who felt the need to use her voice and her soul to come forward and stand up for those victimized. - Claire

Empowering people to speak up. Very brave and everyone's right to seek justice. - Kim

Super impressed by research, current events, rulings, statements regarding rape: the culture is still alive today and we must stop it! - Alejandra

My favorite part was when the guy shared his experience of rape because I never really heard of something like that happening to a man even though I know it happens. - Jacqueline

I became so much more aware about he topic of rape than I was before. The little boy who talked about consent made me realize that we need to start teaching kids young. - Harleen

It was amazing! I loved it all. The passion - you can see it throughout. - Marianna

Entertaining and informative! - Adrian

Sends a really powerful message! - Vikram

I really liked the part where the news anchor stated facts. - Melani

I like the symbolism of the Jenga tower being this perfect Utopia of a culture/world without rape. - Taylor

My favorite part was when the theatre teacher talked about all the previous cases. - Emily

I liked the role of the psychologist because she mentioned viewpoints I had never thought of. Very eye-opening! - Alyssa

It is a really great show that speaks out the voice of the minorities. We need our voice to be heard more widely so that that problem could be solved. - Chi-Ying

It was amazing because it shows the reality of different parts of the issue. - Omar

The segment with the presidential character - I thought it was a unique insight on the way that certain types of coercive rape occur and are wrongly not regarded as "real" rape. - Dilavar


Favorite was the part where the lawyer was taking on the rape case and stressed over all the small details because it really reflected rape culture realities. - Tamra

Amazing actress and highly talented, Her dedication is visible throughout. - Syed

California State University San Marcos


Needs to be mandatory. - Kylyn


The first character is extremely powerful. - Ariana

I like that its set in the future and that it shows if rape goes away and no one talks about it does not mean it goes away. - Bria

The lawyer scene shines light on the broken system. - Andy

The psychologist is a POV you don't get in the media. - Gabby

We can draw meaning from it without it beating us over the head. - Daniel

I love this play and I wish this was a requirement for all students. - Jill


The scene with the lady explaining her research - it was very engaging.  Really impressed with your range and writing!- Aaron


The ally was so selfless and sacrificed so much for others. I aspire to be like that. - Nicky

I like the daytrader scene because we thought that he would be a predator but he was a victim as well. - Carlo

This was amazing. The topics are real and hard to approach but necessary. - Akemi

Favorite was the 3rd grader because it showed the simplicity of consent. - Maritza

I've gone to other live events that talk about this subject, but this one got me. - Cirenia

Inspiring! The vigil and showing protesting and activism in the community. - Izzy

Thought-provoking and entertaining! - Jenna

You are right.  We can educate about rape without showing it.  Thank you! Very talented! - Anna

Wilmington College, OH


Each time people hear about these issues, it makes things better. - Jordan

These are things that everyone needs to hear. - Corryen

The little boy was my favorite because it shows how we can start teaching our kids about consent.  The play had so much meaning and I learned so much. - Camry

I am so impressed. It was amazing to watch. It resonated with me. People should be taught about equality and rape at a young age. - Alyssa

My favorite part was when she took the role of the Psychologist.  The acting was so real. It was a great show. - Eric

The movement for Justice was my favorite. - Brianna

The lawyer was my favorite because she wants to help the movement. - Caden

I liked the political theater professor and how they brought light to the idea that bringing awareness to rape doesn't mean seeing it.  You are a beautiful strong woman who is really making a difference by educating college campuses and students. - Milena

The protest was my favorite because it is important to put your thoughts to action. - Jalaun

The Daytrader was my favorite because he talked about the side of a male being raped. - Damon

The female speaker who organized the candlelit vigils - she drew me in the most. - B


The constant movement of the characters really helped me stay focused! - Ti


The use of props was really awesome. - Emily

I didn't have a favorite part because I enjoyed the whole play. I want to help educate other people. - KeAndrae

Sul Ross State University, TX

My favorite character was the Narrator because she tried to actually do something and make a change. - Brian, Freshman

My favorite character was the Daytrader because the character portrayed how a male feels when they are raped or sexually assaulted and not a lot of people know about that. - Mark, Junior


Reporter was my favorite because she explained times in history that rape wasn't being acknowledged. - Jaylen, Sophomore

I was shocked by the facts - all the facts of politicians and school sexual assaults - thank you. - Lily, Freshman

My favorite part is the protest and when you get the audience involved with chanting. We can't be silent about this anymore. - Amanda, Freshman

I enjoyed the Prosecutor because of the facts that I never knew. It opened my eyes. - Tye, Senior


I liked how it showed a lot of point of views. She was so passionate. - Alizandra, Sophomore


Educational and eye-opening. - Bailee, Junior

The Reporter was my favorite because they want to prove that many other people could stand up to this situation. - Jessica, Sophomore

My favorite part is when the Professor began speaking. Telling stories and giving statistics that are relevant are important. - Janelle, Senior

Favorite: Middle of the play - how everyone opened their eyes and realized the problem was never solved - the victims just stopped coming forward. - Vanessa, Sophomore


Opens my eyes to see what happens and to show I can be a better person. - Christopher, Freshman

When the Prosecutor was talking to the people in the courtroom, I felt like I was there. - Ozias, Sophomore


Favorite: The part with the Third grader because kids are even aware of what consent is. - Frank, Junior

This kind of performance is essential to understand all the perspectives of a social disease. Amazing. - Professor Trotman

I loved it. I hope you can come to my new school next year. - Sarah, Senior

Keeps the awareness updated. Don't stop! - Ralph, Freshman

Hawkeye Community College, IA

I found this really moving as someone who was raped when I was 3 years old and was changed before I even had a chance to begin life.  Thank you for everything you do. - Ashlyn

Inspired me to treat women better. - Aquonn, Junior

The whole play was very well thought out. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole show and I wish for more people to see it. - Ty

Everything you said is so important. - Olivia, Freshman

The activist seemed like she was the one who cared the most.  I also saw myself in her - I always want to do more but I never know what to do or have enough courage to do it. -Ashley

Very moving and educational. - Shane, Sophomore

The Narrator was my favorite - I wish I had someone in my life who would've marched for me. - Rachel

It hits home. People need to be informed about this. It inspired me to do more to make people aware. - Angelia, Junior

I loved this play - very powerful. - Jeny, Sophomore

I liked the fact that the kids are learning about all of this. Plus, it was funny! - Maima

This show was amazing. - Maritza

It reminded me of my 3 assaults.  It makes you admit that it is not stopping. That just because it is not talked about doesn't mean it's not happening. - Lexi, Sophomore

Everyone had a voice - good, bad, indifference.  Creativity in talking about these issues. Love this! - Kei-Che

My favorite was the drunk guy. Anyone can be a victim and people don't understand that sadly. Public awareness is so important. - Natalie, Sophomore

I loved the fact that Jenga was used to represent women's lives. Our lives can fall apart but we can pick the pieces back up again. - Casey

My favorite was the candle lighting because of the positive messages. - Nikki

Loved the historical and statistical info interwoven into the creative parts. - Lisa, Faculty

Favorite character was the Psychologist because she explained the possible causes of rape. Excellent. - Keishla

The politician talked about how men higher up in government still got elected even after talking about women and rape in an inappropriate way. Spoke really strong to me. - Brooke, Freshman

The school kid was my favorite because that's how I feel alot - like I'm out of the loop.  Very fun to watch. - Lauren, Freshman

The Daytrader was extremely relatable as I've been in a scenario like that. - Noah

I loved the emotion change from character to character. - Adriana

My favorite was the protesting. It was awesome. - Jordan

The theatre professor was my favorite - you could tell she was educated and passionate. I love how you spread awareness. - Ainsley

It was scary to realize that this is considered a monetary and economical issue. - Robin

It was beautiful. Eye-opening and great lessons. - Ishara

My favorite was the man who mentioned his rape experience. I'm glad you showed a more male side as well. It had my full attention while educating myself. I loved it! - Anne

Winston-Salem State University, NC

Much needed on a college campus! - Deirdra

Favorite: daytrader - as a male, he came forth about being sexually assaulted.  Educational and informative, touches on many perspectives. Amazing to say the least. - Aniya

Dickinson State University, ND

Brings to light un-talked about issues and makes people want to come to the future you envision - rapeless future. - Neville, Freshman

Empowering. - Hardika, Junior

I am a survivor of rape.  Very touching and motivational. - LaiTelling these stories helps us all think about our actions.  I appreciate being shown how we all perpetuate this system and how we can change. - JoeyMy favorite character is the student whose awareness about rape grew because as she was learning, so was I. - Karina

Winston-Salem State University, NC

Much needed on a college campus! - Deirdra

My favorit

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